Conditions of Use and Sale 

Delivery cost

Range/ €                                        0-0.5kg     0.5-1kg     1-2kg      2-5kg   5-10kg

ECONOMY PARCEL EU                 7.99              11.37        16.34        24.99      30.50

home adress/ post office

ECONOMY PARCEL N. America   7.99               11.37        16.34        35.70      51.88

home adress/ post office

ECONOMY PARCEL Oceania        7.99               11.37        16.34        44.88      51.88

home adress/ post office

DHL EXPRESS EU                          30.00             30.00       50.00       66.66       83.33

home adress



Payment Methods

You can make payment via direct deposit into the giro account of the company Angara d.o.o. 2484008-1106132446 in Raiffeisen Bank. The bank account information of Angara d.o.o. for both foreign and local currency payments: IBAN number: HR6124840081106132446, SWIFT code: RZBHHR2X with Raiffeisen Bank. 

We also accept PayPal payments. PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world and with PayPal you can make payments using all major debit and credit cards. When making a deposit into the foreign currency account, the buyer is required to pay the bank charges to Raiffeisen Bank, that will be separately identified on the bill. 

Financial Institution Fees

When making a deposit into the foreign currency account, the payer is required to cover all costs, including the fees for both the sending and receiving banks (the amount depends on who you bank with). 

Product Amount and Availability

The item is reserved only after payment confirmation.

The process of making the item, packaging and delivering starts when all the items on your order placed in the webshop are available or no later than seven working days of the receipt of payment.

If any of the ordered items are not available, the buyer will be informed about it and given the following options:

- to cancel the entire order

- to receive a refund for the cost of the unavailable items or the entire order in case of its cancellation

- to choose a replacement item. 

The item images are approximate and need not fully correspond to their actual appearance. 

Delivery and Shipment Security

The items purchased on the Internet are sent by courier delivery services. The buyer's order will be delivered to the recipient address or post office. The cost of delivery corresponds to the shipping rates of delivery services, and depends on package weight and dimensions (dimensional weight: Length x Width x Height) and destination country. 

The process of making the items, packaging and delivering starts after the payment shows on the bank statement of the company Angara d.o.o. and on the buyer's account page on the website 

The items picked up by the delivery service will be delivered to the recipient address according to required courier :

Economy Parcel Post Service (post office)

Delivery 3-10 working days. We ship within 7 working days after receiving full payment. Total delivery time max. 17 working days. The best price and speed 


Delivery 24-48 hours. We ship within 7 working days after receiving full payment. Total delivery time max. 9 working days. 

In case the buyer is not at the delivery address at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a note with instructions for pick-up. 

In case the buyer doesn't respond the shipment will be returned. If the buyer then requests another delivery attempt the original shipping cost will be charged to the buyer again. 

The buyer can check the delivery status by sending an inquiry to the following e-mail address: 

In case of a damaging event, the insurance will pay for the true value of the shipment. 

International buyers, please note:

Customs clearance fees or any other special fees imposed by the destination country are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Return Policy

The buyer doesn't have the right to a replacement of the purchased item or a refund unless the item is damaged.


In case of a justified complaint concerning delivered items, the buyer is required to return the items in the same condition they received them, including the original packaging. Otherwise, the refund request will not be accepted and the items will be returned to the recipient address at the buyer's expense. 

If all conditions are met, the item will be replaced or a refund provided within thirty (30) business days of the receipt of the returned item. 

In case the replacement item is unavailable only the refund option will be available. 

When issuing a refund, the buyer bears all costs (transaction fees, wire transfer fees...), and the cost of services provided so far (delivery...) is not refundable.  


The invoice is issued and sent through a delivery service together with the items. The buyer must enter the required general data for the invoice before ordering. 

Accuracy of the data provided

The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided while purchasing our products. Subsequent changes are not be possible. If the buyer proceeds with the purchase, they accept all conditions of sale herein.

Angara d.o.o. disclaims all liability and responsibility for any damage resulting in any way from or connected in any way to your use of the website, for any errors or omissions in the content on this web site or for any damages of any kind related to the use or misuse of information provided on our web site, for any damages to you or any third party suffered as the result of the use of, misuse of, or the inability to use our website or any materials contained thereon.


Questions on the Order Accuracy and Cancellation

If the buyer has made a timely payment, but hasn't received the e-mail notification of payment at the e-mail address with which they registered (e.g. if the financial institution hasn't processed the payment ), the buyer is obliged to give such notice to the company Angara d.o.o. within two days, in order to take necessary steps. If at that moment the requested items are available for sale, Angara d.o.o. will accept the payment, otherwise the payment will be refunded.

If the buyer's payment is under the amount required in the order, they will be contacted by our customer support.

If the buyer's payment is over the amount required in the order, they will be informed about it and the overpayment will be refunded, less the refund processing fee.

All orders that haven't been paid for within 7 days will be automatically cancelled and the buyer will be notified upon it at the e-mail address with which they registered. 


Expiration date and use of items bought at

All products of La Petite Lavande are natural and therefore to be used within 3 months of opening, or 6 months from production date (unless specified differently on the product), that coincides with payment date since all products are made only once the order/payment has been made.

We do not take responsibility for possible skin reactions that could result from using our products as we do not insight into health conditions of our buyers. On our website we have provided information on the ingredients used in our products as well as their indications and contraindications, so if a buyer is unsure about using certain oils and preparations, they must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider.




The website located at, further referred to as „website“, is owned by the company Angara d.o.o. registered in Croatia with registered address Dolac 9, Zagreb, Croatia (further referred to as „Angara“). By using this website, it means you accept the most recent version of the Conditions of Use and Sale. Angara reserves the right to make alterations to or amend the Conditions of Use and Sale at any time at its discretion. The revised Conditions of Use and Sale will be displayed on the website. You will be deemed to have accepted any amendments if you continue using the website after the amendments are displayed.

The essential oil information provided on our website is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and do not include all necessary safety precautions for using essential oils and related products, or the mechanism of action of essential oils, and possible interactions and adverse effects resulting from their use. This information is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe any medical treatment. 

The information contained in this website should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions without consulting a qualified health care provider. Angara assumes no liability for any damages of any kind related to the use or misuse of information provided on our website.

The content in our website may not be copied, except for your own personal non-commercial use. The use of material on this website for any other purpose is forbidden without prior explicit authorisation of the website owner.

The material not owned by the website owner is used with permission of its author/owner and will be removed from this website upon their request.


Privacy Policy

Your personal data collected by us during the registration process will not be shared publically or passed on to any third party, and will only be used for the purpose of administering our business activities. We may also use the personal data we collect to occasionally notify you about news and changes regarding our services and business activities.

It is strictly prohibited to use and submit other people's personal information!

We reserve the right to disclose your personal data including your contact details to local and international law enforcement authorities if necessary.


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